Thursday, 8 August 2013

Learn To Use I Pad With The Help Of This Blog / Really Its Very Simple

Anyone that owns an iPad knows that iPads are chock full of cool features that one can benefit from. Buy an iPad for the first time is actually exciting or the urge to get straight in there or play around with it is massive. You can arrange your application and bookmarks as you wish and view your existing media such as your photos videos and music. Then you see in the box to discover there is no instruction manual and iPad tutorial on the iPad. With an iPad you can also surf the web more easily or upgrade your favorite applications.

Now a lot of things on the iPad you can do straight away and do not need a manual. That is even better for you can use your iPad to skype or remain connected with your friends or loved ones. However the iPad is more than just putting in your details surfing the internet or playing games. But while it is cool to use your iPad for all of these things the iPad can be used for much more. The iPad is such a wonderful piece of technology with so much to learn to get the most out of it. The iPad is more than just an overpriced iPhone it can be used as a valuable business tool as iPad have wonderful business apps to help you be more productive or perform routine business tasks with greater effeciency.

Taking a screen shot can be extremely useful and something i'd never considered I could do easily on an iPad before. Here are a few ways that iPads can be used as a valuable business tool. Say you come across something interesting on the internet such as a news report and even if you want to take a screenshot of a game you are playing to show your friends. The nice thing about having an iPad is that you can continue to work on a project even if you are away from your desk and workstation. It is easy a sholding down the Home button and the sleep button the same time. The picture will automatically be saved to your photo library. iPads have application that create it a cinch to edit or create word documents, Excel spreadsheets or Power Point presentations no matter where you are.

Sometimes you just want to watch video on a big screen or not just on your iPad. However for those wo do not you can simply take an Apple HDMI cable or connect it to a larger television screen. Conduct virtual Presentations or Submit Proposals. iPad are great for conductin presentation and submitting proposals. Away from your office or need to conduct a presentation and submit a proposal to your staff and a potential clinet? In the event that you do not have agood internet connection you can take multiple screenshots beforehand then y ou can quickly shift through them offline. You can also use airplay if you have Apple television. Bu pressing the Home or Power Buttons simultaneously or your pictures are automatically saved to the photo gallery.

To have easy or quick access to certain things on your iPad you can swipe your four fingers across your iPad screen. Gone are the days of taking handwritten notes amidst business meetings. For instance swiping them to the left and right will switch between your apps of the most recently used ones. Note application such as EverNote or Notetaker allows you to type all of your meeting notes on your iPad then send them via email to all your colleagues. Take your first three fingers or your thumb or pinch them together. Dragon Dictation allows you to dictate a memo then convert it to text verbally without the use of a secretary.

Swiping your four fingers upwards on your screen wil give you fast access to your multi tasking bar. If you happen to be traveling on business and otherwise away from your office or happen to brainstorm a great example the iPad is perfect for such a scenario. The other method for doing this woruld be to double tap the HOME bitton. You can use Dragon dictation to leave yourself a voice memo. This is done by simply using your finger or the iPad touch screen. From there you can sketch a preliminary design utlizing Whiteboard 2.0 which is similar to using a real whiteboard minus the markers or dry erasers.

These are just a few thing that are for me anyway simple thigs that many people do not know you can do. As you can look there are many ways in which the iPad can serve as a great busines tool to enable you to perform your routine business taks with greater effeciency or heighten your productivity. Obviously the four finger swiping technique maybe common knowledge however for those who it is not can be useful for speedy navigation. for additonal ways in which the iPad can be used as a valuable business tool be sure to check out Apple's business application section in the Application store called @work.

When I had my iPad I did not think for one minute about watching videos on a larger screen. for your convenience it is organized by business function. Although I did not the iPad for this function it is something that I would want and is a real bonus. If you have currently have an iPad or are having difficulty learning how to use all of it is many features or applications there are iPad Video Lessons that are available. Also the screen shot ides is genius and something I use all the time to send emails to my friends showing them interesting things in my day to day browsing on my iPad as well as proving my high scores on my games.

I discover getting to know about learning the iPad is best from video tutorials as I like to follow along or you can look exactly what is happening or you can pause rewind and fast forward lessons along he way of curse on your iPad. At the price that an iPad comes I want the most out of it I can possibly get. Use it to it is full potential and you never know what you might uncover. Video turotials are the best way to learn your ipad inside out. This is a best seller and hugely recognised as ther best resource for ipad learning.

Learn to use i pad is really very simple

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